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Mitchel Alan Courtright's Photo Albums

  1. Poulsbo, Washington, 28 May - 30 May 2006: A new tradition in the Courtright family has begun. We will meet somewhere around the end of May or first of June to celebrate birthdays and remember my father. There are lots of May babies and my father died on the 2nd of June. This is the first annual. We need to come up with a name for this party.
  2. Europe, 17 October - 5 November 2005: Photos from an adventurous 18-day, 7-country European vacation with visits to Iceland, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Sweden.
  3. Chicago, 18-19 February 2005: I took a business trip to Chicago so after my business was concluded, I stayed a couple extra days to visit with friends and family.
  4. Christmas in Seabeck 2004: The second week-long Seabeck trip this year with Chad. This time we celebrated Christmas on early (Tuesday) and spent most of our time building a pathway.
  5. Seabeck Vacation & House Building, September 2004: A weeklong holiday to help Dad build the new house in Seabeck. I picked up brother Chad in Boise on Sunday and we proceeded to spend the next 5 days working on the house and building the frame for the studio/office.
  6. Cascade Springs Hike, 4 July 2004: Cascade Springs is a series of three paved trails looping around a natural spring and several travertine pools. A short and easy hike. I also stopped at a turnout along highway 92, part of the Alpine Loop, which sprouted a few trails.
  7. Hodge-Podge of Snapshots: These photographs don't really have much to do with anything. They're just a collection of interesting moments through the years. My brushes with celebrities, strange goings on, and other odds and ends.
  8. Lake Blanche Hike, 13 June 2004: I took a late afternoon hike to a scenic alpine lake called Lake Blanche in the Salt Lake area's Big Cottonwood Canyon. Ascending over 2600 feet in just under 3 miles, I made the lake in about 3-½ hours. It was only my second hike of the season so I was quite exhausted. Even so, I had only 15 minutes at the lake before descending to ensure I arrived at the trailhead before nightfall. Here are a few snapshots I took along the way. Learn more about this trail.
  9. Memorial Day Weekend 2004: Spring and I converged on Boise, Idaho, she from Seattle, Washington and me from Salt Lake City, Utah, to spend the weekend with brothers Jeff and Chad, both residents of the Idaho capital.
  10. Seattle - Victoria - Merville - Vancouver Vacation, June 2002: We took a roadtrip vacation to see my family in June 2002. We made an overnight excursion to see my Aunt Yolande Courtright in Merville, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. We took the Black Ball ferry to Victoria on the way up and drove through Vancouver on the way down. We also stayed overnight in Boise, Idaho on the way up and down to see my brother Jeff.

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