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A Man of Many Talents

Last month we published the brief biography of Yvette Courtright and related her meeting with Maywood Courtright and their subsequent marriage in 1927. Below appears the biography of Maywood, her husband for 55 years.

Maywood's ancestors migrated to New Amsterdam in 1663, when Peter Stuyvesant was governor. When the British captured the land, they changed the name to New York. His ancestors came from the Lowlands, later to become Holland and Belgium. The ancestor who migrated to the New World was named Jan Bastiensen van Kortryk, or Cortrai, later to be anglicized to Courtright.

Maywood was born in Paulding, Ohio, in 1898. After an apprentice course as an election tester, he entered the drafting department of the General Electric Company, then the small motor engineering department. He received his electrical engineering degree at the University of Michigan, then returned to G.E., where he designed large motors.

For 37 years, he taught mechanical drawing, math, and music in the Muskegon Heights, Michigan, school system. During this time, he earned his M.A. degree in music at Columbia University, New York, and played the violin, cello, viola, base oboe, oboe, and trombone in chamber music groups, symphony orchestras, and bands.

Maywood, in addition to his many talents, has built much of his own furniture in his present apartment, where his watercolor pictures add color to the walls. Thus, Yvette and Maywood add color to the Manor.

November 1982
The Manor Mirror
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