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Pictorial: Maywood Courtright

Maywood Courtright was born on January 17, 1898, in Paulding, Ohio.

Although he entered the business world as an electrical engineer he was not meant to remain there. During the depression, quite coincidentally, he accepted a teaching job.

Maywood loved music and soon headed the Music Department which he had introduced into the Muskegon Heights High School. He played cello with a trio as well as with the West Shore Symphony in Muskegon. He eventually attained a Masters degree in music through Columbia University in New York.

Language interested Maywood as well and while visiting Québec one summer to improve his French he met his wife Yvette .

After 39 years of teaching in the same high school, and having brought up two children, Maywood finally retired in 1963.

Their intention was to travel, first spending a year in southern Spain. It was here that Maywood discovered and experienced his talent for painting. Unfortunately they were forced to return home after only eight months. Maywood had suffered a heart attack resulting in a complete distortion of his hearing abilities which removed the enjoyment of music from his life entirely.

Since then, they have done extensive traveling in Canada, Mexico and the United States and Maywood has painted his surroundings with vivid accurateness. His eye for detail is exquisite and he has captured the climate, architecture and character of the places he has seen.

For the past fourteen years the Courtrights have lived in a small California coastal town where Maywood paints old Victorian homes and seaside pleasures for your enjoyment.

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