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Albert Maywood Courtright II

Reminiscences of Maywood Courtright

Webmaster's (and Grandson's) Note

This is very much a work in progress and indeed a huge undertaking to completely retype my grandfather's memoirs, not to mention scan the accompanying watercolors. I've left the text intact with the minor exception of making a few typo or spelling corrections. I've also included the watercolors within the text in roughly the same location my grandfather put them (albeit a bit smaller than the original). Also planned for this work is a "printer friendly" version for those ambitious enough to print out a copy.

A recent discovery, recent as I type this in October '07, has revealed that my Grandfather's writings continued nearly up until his death in 1984. So if I thought this was going to be a herculean task before, it's a ginormous one now!

If anyone has a copy of his memoirs along with some spare time, I'd be most grateful for the help! Just send me an email and I'll let you know what pages still need to be done. :)

Mitch Courtright
November 27, 2001

Table of Contents

Reminiscences of Maywood Courtright
Grandma and Grandpa Courtright and Aunt Irene
My Early Years
Fuel and Light
My Egg Hatching Experiment
The House Where I Was Born
Our House Burns
Aunt Irene Marries
The Johnson House on South Williams Street
Getting Around Without Motorcars. Horses.
Ice - Winter Sports
The Saw Mill, Mill Pond and the Swimming Hole
The Boys In Our Gang
Uncles, Aunts and Cousins
Doings of the South-End Gang
The Circus and Other Entertainment
The County Fair
Religious Revivals
The First Motor Cars
Our First Cars
Trip to Cecil for Jim Powell
Grocery Clerk
High School
The Year Book (Annual)
Beginning of World War I
The Sugar Factory
Entertainment and Culture
Spring House Cleaning
Last Year in High School and Graduation (1916)
Going to Work - A False Start
General Electric's Apprentice School in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Life in Ft. Wayne - 1916 to 1920
Raymond Comes to Ft. Wayne to Study at a Business College
The Theory of Evolution
I Start the Study of French
World War I - 1917 and 1918
I Enter the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Summer Vacation - 1922
Boat Excursion to Buffalo
Back to Ft. Wayne and General Electric
I Become a High School Teacher in Michigan
The Teacher's Picnic
Trip to the West Coast - Summer of 1924
The 1924-25 School Year
Trip to Québec - Summer of 1925
I Meet Yvonnette Côté (Yvette) and Her Sister Hélène
Winter of 1925 - 1926
Trip to Europe - Summer of 1926
On to Paris
On to Switzerland
Belgium and Holland
Oxford and Stratford-on-Avon
School Year 1926-1927
Yvette's Parents
I Decide to Remain a Teacher
I Get Interested in Music Theory
The Beginning of the Depression (1929)
Alan Arrives on the Scene, May 8, 1930
Albert Maywood / Skeezix / Alan
A New Music Director in the Heights. We Move East and North
Yvette Has Incipient T.B.
We Move Into a House on Baker Street
The Ceasars, Rambows and Willinghams
Saturday Classes in Kalamazoo

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