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John Johannes Courtright

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Jesse Drake Courtright
Abraham C Courtright
Jacob G. Courtright
Sarah G Courtright
John Johannes Courtright
Jesse Drake Courtright
Abraham Van Courtright
Margaret Courtright
Christiania Courtright
Effie Drake

Anna Margriet Dennemarken
John Drake
Christiania Kermer
Birthday: 26 February 1779
Place of Birth: Northhampton County, Pennsylvania, USA
Married: Elizabeth Grubb, 1799 (Divorced: 1852 (widowered))
Married: Sarah Hemp (Divorced: Date Unknown)
Married: Barbara Shade
Death: 6 April 1863
Place of Death: Lithopolis, Fairfield County, Ohio, USA

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