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Albert Maywood Courtright II

Reminiscences of Maywood Courtright

Alan Arrives on the Scene, May 8, 1930

About a month short of two years after Yolande was born we had our second and last child, a boy. He was born in Mercy Hospital as Yvette had become acquainted with an old French Canadian doctor, Doctor Lefevre, who was, of course, a Catholic and preferred Catholic hospital. It was late in the evening when Yvette told me we had better get to the hospital. We phoned for a taxi. I was kept in the hall outside the delivery room while the operation was being performed but was allowed into the room as soon as the nurses had started the cleanup process. Alan, who had been squalling lustily before I entered the room, was sleeping peacefully in a basket on top of a high shelf.

My mother came from Peoria to be with Yvette for a couple of weeks after we brought Alan home. She was much in demand when her grandchildren began arriving though she wasn't always free to leave my father.

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