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Albert Maywood Courtright II

Reminiscences of Maywood Courtright

Albert Maywood / Skeezix / Alan

We hadn't really decided what we could call our new son at the time he was born. The hospital listed it as Albert Maywood, Junior, and that is the name sent to the county birth records. The nurses at the hospital started immediately calling him Skeezix, from the baby in the comic strip, Gasoline Alley. As a result for the first two or three years of his life he was never called anything but Skeezix. Neither of us liked the idea of Junior for a name and, after talking it over, we decided on Alan Maywood which would leave his initials the same as before. No one ever called him Skeezix after that. Yvette took both children to the county health clinic every month at the Heights high school. The county health doctor was a little Polish woman who had studied medicine in Paris, Dr. Kalein. She was Jewish and spoke English with a strong foreign accent. She thought Yvette and Alice Premo, who also took her two children, Douglas and Nancy, to the clinic at the same time Yvette took Yolande and Alan, were calling Alan "Squeezix" and that remained her name for him. Alan was always a very cheerful little guy when he was small. He was forever singing or whistling. He could carry a tune and whistle before he was two years old, before he learned to talk.

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Alan Arrives on the Scene, May 8, 1930
A New Music Director in the Heights. We Move East and North

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