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Albert Maywood Courtright II

Reminiscences of Maywood Courtright

We Move Into a House on Baker Street

Baker Street was a block east of Maffett and a number of new houses had been constructed along the north end and the street had been paved. About the time Yvette and the children came back to the Heights a family by the name of Hansen were forced to put their house up for rent, I think because Mr. Hansen had been transferred to another town. It was a small, one story house but new and modern. It was probably Mrs. Risk who told Yvette about the Hansens moving. She went to see the Hansens and rented the house. The rent was a little higher than we were used to but was a better house and my salary had been increasing each year since I had started teaching. We had sold most of our furniture to the MacEldownies and had to buy new. The borrowed piano had gone back to its owner so I had to do my piano practicing at the school once more.

The house next to us to the south was rented to a junior high English teacher from Muskegon, a man about my age by the name of Harold Ceasar. He and his wife, Goldie, had two small children, Lois, a girl Alan's age, and Raymond, a baby they had nicknamed "Pete." It was through the Ceasars that we met two other couples and formed a sort of supper club.

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Yvette Has Incipient T.B.
The Ceasars, Rambows and Willinghams

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