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Albert Maywood Courtright II

Reminiscences of Maywood Courtright

Our First Automobile

Yvette and I had been looking at cars off and on for some time though we were not really serious about buying one. The Caesars had a tent they had bought at Sears and they owned a model T Ford which enabled them to spend a weekend now and then in the state park in North Muskegon or in one of the country parks. There were parks all over but they were hard to get to without a car. The Caesars and other friends would often take us for a drive on Sunday afternoons, usually to one of the parks. Camping looked like fun. One day we were shopping along Third Street in Muskegon when we happened to meet a car salesman were were acquainted with who worked for the Dodge Company. The Dodge garage was on Third. He said he had a car that he thought we ought to look at, a demonstrator about a year old of a make that they were not longer going to sell so it would go for a very low price. We went in a looked at it; cars were always kept in garages in those days. It was an enclosed car, -the open car with with fold back top and detachable side curtains was making way for what we had known as a limousine, -with a black wooden body and wire wheels. The windshield was flat and vertical and there was no trunk at the rear. A running board (step) on each side made the interior much less roomy than today’s cars. There was room for two adults in the front seat and three in the rear. We took it out for a short drive and bought it, paying cash. We never went into debt to buy a car.

I had the job of teaching Yvette how to drive. It was not necessary to obtain a permit for the purpose then; you just got someone to teach you if you wanted to learn to drive and went out and practiced, on roads with little traffic at first, of course. Yvette learned fast though she was not mechanically minded. Her chief problem was not slowing up enough to turn corners. When I thought she had everything mastered I had her turn into the gas station at Peck and Sherman to have the tank filled. She came in too fast and put a good sized dent in both pumps. The station owner didn’t say anything but his looks told us how he felt. It was her only mishap.

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