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Albert Maywood Courtright II

Trip to Mexico, Summer 1940

Sunday, August 11

Drove to Amecameca hoping to get some pictures of Popo but it was cloudy & finally rained. Interesting market - no tourists. Bought poncho for Alan 4 pesos reduced from 7.50 & some soup dishes & a pot for Yvette , the former, 2¢ U.S. each.

Monday, August 12

Yolande & Yvette both sick during night with stomach troubles. Yolande's fever 103 in the morning so we took her to the American hospital. She felt bad but her temperature had done to 100½ by the time the doctor arrived. Nurses must be Mexican citizens so there are no Americans - only Mexicans & naturalized Germans. All except one speak English however. After dinner went to British consul where Yvette got her temporary passport 6.50 pesos. Went to American consul & got almost everything straightened out. While Yvette was there I went to hospital. Yolande had slept so hard she thought it was another day. Rained hard in evening so we didn't go to hospital.

Tuesday, August 13

Spent time at hospital & at American Consulate. Took Vise [sic] consul 1½ hours to fill out Yvette's application for a visa. Promised to have visa ready at 4 next day.

Wednesday, August 14

Yolande still has slight fever & tests show a bowel infection. Took boys & went to San Angel to get some pictures. Pat Gray went with us to see Yolande in the evening. Coming home had a little experience with a policeman. Bus stopped in front of me so I turned to left to avoid it. Corner was dark & I discovered a policeman when I got to it. Ordered me to pull over to curb. Told me I had committed an infraction in being on left side of street. Pulled out some tickets to a benefit - doctor told us later it was to send a pistol team to the U.S. - at 2 pesos each. I told him we were leaving Friday. He insisted that I must have Mexican friends. As a clincher he remarked that the infraction carried a fine of 10 pesos. Yvette called his bluff & asked him to take us to police station to pay the fine. He decided to let us go.

Thursday, August 15

Got Yolande home after dinner. Tried to get pictures but no luck. Went to Consulate to get visa. They were prepared to tell her tom come back next day but Yvette got mad & made them come across. Went to town & cashed $40 as the hospital bill of 85 pesos cleaned us out. Bought China-pollana dress for Yolande & a silver buckle to go on Yvette's belt besides some films. Decided to leave Mexico City tomorrow as demonstrations are becoming more common in which there are rumors of many people being killed. Large numbers of peons have taken possession of the bull ring & we saw several truck loads of soldiers during the day.

Friday, August 16

Left for home after Yvette had an argument over the extra 3 days rent. Finally paid 30 pesos. Stopped in same village we went to on way down to buy bananas. Very dirty. Festival going on. Stopped on road to eat & talked with three women who came along. Took their pictures & gave them something to eat. They didn't know they were speaking Spanish. Yvette sick. Took pictures along the way in the mountains. Stopped for night at Lomasure Chile.

Saturday, August 17

Yvette sick all night. Very hot. Stopped at Valles to buy oranges & bread. Tried to eat on road but Yvette too sick. Ate at Villa Juarez in a mex restaurant. Stayed in Canada Cabins at Linares - best we saw on entire trip. Red tile floors spotlessly clean. Run by two Canadians who settled there to escape cold weather. Send their children to Laredo to school. Night turned fairly cool.

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