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Albert Maywood Courtright II

Trip to Mexico, Summer 1940

Sunday, August 18

Stopped at market in Monterrey but bought nothing. Goods higher in price & of poorer quality than on the plateau. Reached Laredo about 6 p.m. Were informed that the immigration official had gone home & we would have to wait overnight on the Mexican side. Hung around building for about ½ hour. Immigration official was sent for and we went to a drug store & ate ice cream. Drove on to [ ] where we spent the night in a cabin. Had hard rain with thunder & lightning during night.

Monday, August 19

Still raining & we didn't get going until about 10 a.m. Reached San Antonio about noon. Visited Alamo & ate lunch in 10¢ store. Texas people very friendly. Visited reptile house on way out of town. Passed through Austin but didn't stop except to buy groceries. Spent night in Waco. Spent some time sending films & getting ice so got another late start. Ate lunch in the zoo at Dallas. Wasted about 3 hours. Stopped for night in McAlester, Oklahoma. Yvette & I explored town while the car was being greased. Cool weather since the rain.

Tuesday, August 20

Drove over to Fort Smith, Ark. so as to go through Ozarks. Had lunch on Boston Mt at a roadside park. Not much farming through here. Reached Springfield, Mo about 5 p.m. Ate hamburgers for supper then drove around town.

Monday, August 21

Got early start - about 8. Crossed Mississippi at Louisiana, Mo.

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