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Catherine Maria Seneff

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Daniel Seneff
John Wesley Seneff
David Seneff
Catherine Maria Seneff
George Seneff
Solomon Seneff
Christian Seneff Jr
Catharine Seneff
Susanna Seneff
Barbara E. Senff
Philip Senff
Jacob Senff
Christian William Senff
Barbara Mary Resler

Conrad Christian Senff
Catherine Maria Helmer
Daniel Resler
Anna Barbara Schaffer
Birth: 11 July 1803
Birthplace: Saltlick Township, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA
Married: Adam Miser Jr, 18 September 1838, Wayne, Ohio, USA
Divorced: Unknown
Married: Daniel Gallentine, USA
Death: 27 August 1877
Place of Death: Nodaway Township, Holt, Missouri, USA

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