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Cornelis Jansen van Beest

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Johannes Cornelissen Kortright
Aefie Cornelis Kortright
Annetie Cornelis Kortright
Maria Cornelis Kortright
Laurens Cornelissen Kortright
Cornelis Jansen van Beest
Laurens Jansen Van Beest
Belitie Jans Van Beest

Maritje Lucase Van Vredenburg
Birth: 1645
Birthplace: Beest, Gelderland, Holland
Married: Metje Eleyessen, 1665, USA
Death: UNKN
Notes: Born van Beest, as was a Dutch custom of taking a surname from their birthplace, he took the surname of his father van Kortrijk upon immigration in 1663 as was the American custom. The 'van' was eventually dropped and the name was anglicized to Kortright and thusly his children so named.

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