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Elizabeth McFarland

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Samuel Courtright
Abram Van Courtright
William McFarland Courtright
Maria Magdalena Courtright
Oliver Perry Courtright
Abiah Courtright
John Courtright
Cyrus Courtright
Olive Courtright
Effie Pauline Courtright
Margaret McFarland
Elizabeth McFarland
Rebecca McFarland
William Walter McFarland
Mary [Unknown]

William McFarland
Margaret Young
Birth: 24 May 1787
Birthplace: Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
Married: Abraham Van Kampen Courtright Jr, 30 March 1809 (Fairfield, Ohio, USA)
Death: 29 January 1870
Place of Death: Bloom Township, Fairfield, Ohio, USA

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