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Firmin Guéret dit Dumont

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Bazile Dumont
Elizabeth Dumont
Pierre Dumont
Mathilde Dumont
Jean-Baptiste Dumond
Octave Dumont
Firmin Dumont
Ursule Dumont
Marie Rose Dumont
Fabien Dumont
Michel Evangéliste Dumont
Firmin Guéret dit Dumont
Madeleine Dumont
Jean Baptiste Dumont
Moise Dumont
Pierre Dumont
Sophie Dumont
Gedeon Dumont
Alexandre Dumont
Joseph Amable Dumont
Marie Dumont
Judith Marquis dite Canac

Michel Dumont
Marie Anne Raymond
Joseph Hudon
Geneviève-Marie Malenfant
Birth: 26 March 1797
Birthplace: L'Isle-Verte, Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec, Canada
Married: Sophie Hudon dite Beaulieu, 4 August 1823 (St-André, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada)
Death: 31 October 1881
Place of Death: St-Arsène, Rivièr-du-Loup, Québec, Canada

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