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Friederich Weiser

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
John Conrad Weiser
Anna Eva Weiser
John Weiser
Anna Catharina Weiser
Hannah Weiser
Sarah Weiser
Anna Maria Weiser
Salome Weiser
Phillip Weiser
Anna Madlina Weiser
Anna Maria Weiser
Friederich Weiser
Peter Weiser
Christopher Weiser
Jacob Weiser
Elisabeth Weiser
Margaretha Catherine Weiser
Samuel Weiser
Benjamin Weiser
Peter Weiser
Jabez Weiser
Hannah Weiser
Benjamin Weiser
Anna Eva Catherina Feg

Anna Magdalena Uebele
Johann Peter Feg
Anna Maria Risch
Birth: 24 December 1728
Birthplace: Schoharie, Albany, New York, British Colonial America
Married: Anna Amelia Zeller
Death: 15 November 1773
Place of Death: Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, British Colonial America

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