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Johann Peter Leininger

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Anna Catharine Leininger
Maria Eva Rosina Leininger
Johan Adam Leininger
Johan George Leininger
John Adam Leininger
Frederick Leininger
John A Leininger
Elisabeth Leininger
Jacob Leininger
Susanna Leininger
Daniel Leininger
Anna Catharine Leininger
Christina Leininger
Peter Leininger
Hans George Leininger
Michael Leininger
Maria Elizabetha Leininger
Johann Michael Leininger
Johann Stephanus Leininger
Stephan Leininger
Jacob Leininger
Johann Stephanus Leininger
Marion Elizabeth Leininger
Johann Peter Leininger
Maria Magdalena Leininger
Catharina Leininger
Anna Margaretha Leininger
Johann Jacob Leininger
Anna Elisabetha Amman

Johann Georg Leininger
Anna Ursula Wahl
Johann Diebold Amman
Veronica Barbara Springer
Birth: 21 September 1755
Birthplace: Heidelberg Township, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Married: Christina Elizabeth Weinrich, 23 June 1778 (Jackson Township, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States)
Death: 11 September 1835
Place of Death: Heidelberg Township, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

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