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John Jacob Courtright

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Effa Lorain Courtright
John Andrew Courtwright
Abraham Jackson Courtright
Abner Leonard Courtright
Jerome G. Courtright
Ezra M. Courtright
Calvin Whitfield Courtright
Franklin W Courtright
Margaret Anna Courtright
Elizabeth Jane Courtright
Annice E. Courtright
Henry A Courtright
Margareta Courtright
Mary Celestia Courtright
Sarah Samantha Courtright
Abraham Van Camp Courtright
John Jacob Courtright
Jesse Drake Courtright
Sarah G Courtright

Henry S. Grubb Sr.
Maria Magdalena Elisabeth Schneider
Birth: 6 January 1805
Birthplace: Bloom Township, Fairfield, Ohio, USA
Married: Margaret Christy, 28 June 1827, Pickaway, Ohio, USA
Married: Mary Sarber, 26 December 1844, Franklin, Ohio, USA
Married: Mariah Roberts, 30 January 1857, Franklin, Ohio, USA
Death: 16 October 1878
Place of Death: Lithopolis, Bloom Township, Fairfield, Ohio, USA

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