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Katharina Moser

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Barbara Steiner
Wilhelm Steiner
Barbara Steiner TWF
Katharina Steiner
Margaretha Steiner
Margaretha Steiner
Maria Elisabetha Steiner
[Infant Son] Steiner
Barbara Moser
Katharina Moser
Anna Maria Moser
Katharina Margaretha Moser
Johannes Moser
Marianna Moser
Johann Jakob Moser
Georg Jakob Moser
Maria Katharina Wenner

Philip Heinrich Moser
Franziska Kauther
Johann Jacob Wenner
Anna Maria Pfaltzgraff
Birth: 2 September 1801
Birthplace: Erlenbach Kandel, Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany
Married: Theobald Steiner
Death: UNKN

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