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Rhoda Ann Prather

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Samuel Williamson
Jacob Prather Williamson
Eliza Williamson
Isaac Newton Williamson
Ara Ann Williamson
Zeruah Williamson
John Williamson
Silas Williamson
William Williamson
Levi Williamson
John Garrett Prather
Jane Prather
Erasmus Prather
Enos Prater
William Prather
Rhoda Ann Prather
Silas Humstead Prather
Jean Prather
Samuel Prather
Elizabeth Austin Garrett

Aaron Allen Prather Sr
Jane Prather
John Phillpott Garrett Sr
Elizabeth Payne
Birth: 5 June 1778
Birthplace: Frederick, Maryland, USA
Married: Theodore Williamson, 3 September 1800, Berkeley, Virginia, USA
Death: 6 September 1857
Place of Death: Rock Mill, Fairfield, Ohio, USA

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