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Samuel Weiser

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Peter Henry Weiser
John Weiser
Sarah Ann Weiser
Matilda Weiser
Samuel Weiser
Andrew Jackson Weiser
George Washington Weiser
Mary Magdalena Weiser
Lovina Weiser
Harriet Weiser
Granville Weiser
Levi Weiser
George Weiser
Catherine Weiser
Samuel Weiser
Margaret Weiser
Jacob Weiser
Peter L. Weiser
John Weiser
Sarah Weiser
Elizabeth Minchaus

Anna Amelia Zeller
Birth: 28 January 1790
Birthplace: Fishers Ferry, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Married: Margaret Hart, 1812, Augustaville, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 7 April 1868
Place of Death: Greencastle, Fairfield, Ohio, USA

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