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William Moore Matlock Sr

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Mary Matlock
John Shepard Matlock Sr
James C Matlock
William Moore Matlock Jr
Elizabeth Matlock
David Matlock
Thomas Henry Matlock
Nancy Matlock
Johanna Matlock
Rosanna Matlock
Jesse Matlock
William Moore Matlock Sr
Zachariah William Matlock
Richard Matlock
Littleberry Franklin Matlock
John Wesley Matlock
Jane Powell Matlock
Colonel Charles Matlock
Luke Matlock Sr
James Jason Matlock Sr
Mary Matlock
Absalom M Matlock
Rial Matlock
Moore Matlock Jr
William Matlock
Benjamin Matlock
Emily Jane Powell

John Moore Matlock II
Margaret Hester Watson
Edward Powell
Elizabeth Ranson
Birth: 1754
Birthplace: Washington, Virginia, British Colonial America
Married: Sara Sallie Sheppard, 1771, Virginia, British Colonial America
Death: 19 September 1829
Place of Death: Mooresville, Morgan, Indiana, USA

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