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Anna Maria Lang

Children   Self & Siblings   Parents   Grandparents
Catharine Bashore
Juliana Bashore
Daniel Bashore
George Besore
John Bashore
John Adam Bashore
Magdalena Bashore
Daniel Beshore
Maria Eva Bashore
John Peter Bashore
Johannes Bashore
Anna Maria Bashore
Elizabeth Bashore
Benjamin Bashore
John Adam Beshore
Anna Maria Lang
Killian Lang
Rebecca Lang
Sophia Lang
Wilhelmina Lang
Henry Long
Juliana Margaret Lang
Ludwick Long
Elizabeth Lang
Catharina Lang
Urbanus Lang
Catharina Margretha Sophia Blum

Christian Lang
Anna Maria Boshaar
Ludwig Paul Blum
Anna Catharina Kornmann
Birth: 1732
Birthplace: Bethel Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Married: Johannes John Boeshaar III, 1750 (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA)
Death: 27 August 1819
Place of Death: Manor Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

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